Clive Peedell

party: National Health Action Party
constituency: Witney

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Private sector landlords receive over £27bn a year in housing benefit and tax breaks. Would you support a rent tax that recouped up to a third of this to fund new housing supply?

organisation: Generation Rent

Yes, please see our housing policy for further information

To what degree should access to information on the internet be restricted by the state or private companies?

organisation: Open Rights Group (ORG)

It is unlikely that equal access to information is feasible and the internet provides another layer of information which can be manipulated. The recommendations in the Media Reform manifesto 2015 go some way to improving the current situation.

Policing should be independent of state and private interests and the feasibility of this should be a key part of any review of internet, technology and media regulation.

How would you reform surveillance law, oversight and practice to respect the rights of law-abiding people?

organisation: Open Rights Group (ORG)

I support all of the OpenRights recommendations in the Digital Surveillance report to hold a review to properly study surveillance. There is also a need for greater data literacy education as the concepts and technologies are not easily understood.

The right of parents to remain with their children in hospital has been established for over forty years. How would you ensure carers of people with dementia are equally welcome in hospital?

organisation: John's Campaign

Logistical and practical concerns can be discussed locally with patients, carers and hospital staff to implement the best approach. Examples of where an approach has worked well, especially if evidenced, can be shared amongst hospitals. The expertise from leading researchers (of which there are several in Oxford networks) can also be drawn upon.

Should people in Scotland and Northern Ireland have the same free speech protections from libel bullies as their neighbours in England and Wales?

organisation: English PEN

The Lobbying Bill has been a disastrous piece of legislation and was pushed through despite massive opposition. We will repeal the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill. The principles of free speech are not different for particular nations.

The standards of goods and services that are essential, such as food and water, are generally highly regulated. Do you support enforced minimum standards in housing as a precondition of a renting?

organisation: Generation Rent

Yes, we support the introduction of a national register of landlords to improve private rental standards across the country. Local Authorities must have a statutory duty and sufficient funding from local and central government to identify poor quality housing and enforce improvements. Every property must be certified as fit for purpose before being put on the rental market.

Governments implement policies that directly and indirectly impact on house prices. Do you think house prices are too high?

organisation: Generation Rent

Yes, especially here in West Oxfordshire where housing can be over 16 times a person's income which is higher than London.

Britain spends £24 billion on housing benefit and less than £1.5 billion on building homes. Do you support an increase in the social housebuilding grant to £5 billion a year to build homes?

organisation: Generation Rent

We will ban the sale of local authority homes and housing association property, unless the sale can finance more and better social public housing in the area on the same terms. We will reinstate government house-building programmes for affordable homes, including improving and upgrading current housing stock and tackling the number of empty homes.

Recent polling show that people support rent control by a margin of nine to one. Do you support a rent control that limits rent rises between tenancies as well as during tenancies?

organisation: Generation Rent

Yes, we support rent controls and extended tenancy agreements, with the sitting tenants offered first refusal, to protect tenants and prevent rent inflation (which generally transfers to an increased burden on the public purse).

Would you support the creation of a Royal Commission to review Britain’s drug laws?

organisation: CISTA

Crime is also often associated with substance misuse, so effective control of illegal drugs has high priority. This strategy must target suppliers rather than users. Given the large overlap between drug trafficking, people trafficking and money laundering strong international and European legislation and cooperation between law enforcement agencies is critical to success.
It is important to view much drug misuse as a health issue, rather than just a criminal issue. Effective drug rehabilitation programs linked to mental health services must be available to break the cycle of drug misuse and mental health problems contributing to drug misuse or as a result of drug misuse.
We call for more secure mental health and addiction units where prisoners can get proper treatment, relieving the pressure on prison numbers and capacities.