Martin Dwyer

party: Green Party
constituency: Scunthorpe

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How would you reform surveillance law, oversight and practice to respect the rights of law-abiding people?

organisation: Open Rights Group (ORG)

please see page 61 of the Green Party manifesto which is very comprehensive on this subject and which I fully endorse

The right of parents to remain with their children in hospital has been established for over forty years. How would you ensure carers of people with dementia are equally welcome in hospital?

organisation: John's Campaign

This is a very good idea indeed. People with dementia, or even temporary confusional states due to cute medical issues, get disoriented and distressed in unfamiliar surroundings. I would full support the resources being allocated to provide suitable accommodation for carers in hospitals

Should people in Scotland and Northern Ireland have the same free speech protections from libel bullies as their neighbours in England and Wales?

organisation: English PEN

in principle yes, although it would be a matter for the legal systems of the devolved powers of these countries

Recent polling show that people support rent control by a margin of nine to one. Do you support a rent control that limits rent rises between tenancies as well as during tenancies?

organisation: Generation Rent

I certainly do support rent control and indeed rents should be assessed at the outset by an independent valuer and periodically during a tenancy

The standards of goods and services that are essential, such as food and water, are generally highly regulated. Do you support enforced minimum standards in housing as a precondition of a renting?

organisation: Generation Rent

absolutely! The right wing always resist any sort of regulation which is deemed to be a form of evil. Unfortunately, this position takes no account of human behaviour in that people can be variously greedy, stupid or overtly criminal. I would fully support a strong system of regulation and inspection

Britain spends £24 billion on housing benefit and less than £1.5 billion on building homes. Do you support an increase in the social housebuilding grant to £5 billion a year to build homes?

organisation: Generation Rent

yes, more housing is desperately needed

Governments implement policies that directly and indirectly impact on house prices. Do you think house prices are too high?

organisation: Generation Rent

House prices have been driven high by scarcity, thanks to the lack of new building after the sell off of Council houses since Thatcher, and by inflated private rents, tracked by housing benefits at public expense. House prices certainly are too high, and place property ownership beyond young peoples' reach in a way that did not apply to previous generations. This is deplorable. In London, it is difficult to see how anyone but a Russian oligarch or a 1st division footballer could possibly afford to live there. Somehow, house prices must fall, which will be strongly resisted by those who hold property of course

Private sector landlords receive over £27bn a year in housing benefit and tax breaks. Would you support a rent tax that recouped up to a third of this to fund new housing supply?

organisation: Generation Rent

The right wing confidently assure us that "rent controls don't work", however it is clear that not having rent controls also doesn't work! Private landlords, often owning sold off Council houses, charge inflated rents, tracked by housing benefit and this has also inflated the property market. It is deplorable that tenants of private landlords, as well as paying exorbitant rents, often have little security of tenancy and endure living in premises in poor condition. I would fully support rent controls, enforced longer tenancies and inspections of properties. If rent control failed to secure sufficient revenue then revoking of the various tax breaks should follow

To what degree should access to information on the internet be restricted by the state or private companies?

organisation: Open Rights Group (ORG)

I think it is good that Freedom of Information requests can be made by citizens and this contributes to healthy, transparent government. Companies can hide behind the excuse of commercial sensitivity of information and I feel that there has to be some way to overcome this

Would you support the creation of a Royal Commission to review Britain’s drug laws?

organisation: CISTA

yes. Personally, I would favour the decriminalising of holding small amounts of certain drugs such a marijuana for personal use. There also needs to be a decriminalisation of addicts to stronger drugs who need proper medical help not incarceration