Robin Scott

party: Independent
constituency: Richmond (Yorks)

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How would you reform surveillance law, oversight and practice to respect the rights of law-abiding people?

organisation: Open Rights Group (ORG)

I don't believe our right to privacy should be overidden by the state unless there is evidence. British people should be free.

Private sector landlords receive over £27bn a year in housing benefit and tax breaks. Would you support a rent tax that recouped up to a third of this to fund new housing supply?

organisation: Generation Rent

No. I'd rather spend the money directly on social housing than hand it over to private landlords in this way.

To what degree should access to information on the internet be restricted by the state or private companies?

organisation: Open Rights Group (ORG)

If there is evidence of illegality on the internet, this should be used to find and punish the perpetrators. I'm not comfortable with the use of state administered "filters" though I do accept that ISPs should probably block the most harmful images / videos such as child exploitation from those who might inadvertantly run across them or deliberately seek them out.

It is a question of preventing crimes as well as dealing with those which have already happened. This criminal activity is a tiny minority and their behaviour should not adversely impact the rest of society's rights.

Governments implement policies that directly and indirectly impact on house prices. Do you think house prices are too high?

organisation: Generation Rent

Houses in many places are unaffordable for people on average or even above average salaries. This would suggest they are too high. But the market should be allowed to normalise. The Government propped up the housing market with a variety of policies which meant that prices never bottomed out during the recession. They are now back on the rise. Its a supply and demand question, really.

The right of parents to remain with their children in hospital has been established for over forty years. How would you ensure carers of people with dementia are equally welcome in hospital?

organisation: John's Campaign

This is something I'd like to see hospitals take the lead on, but it does make sense to enshrine it in law if necessary.

Should people in Scotland and Northern Ireland have the same free speech protections from libel bullies as their neighbours in England and Wales?

organisation: English PEN

Free speech is not a licence to libel. Truth is important. We should be free to freely speak (or write ) the truth. We should not be free to publish lies about others.

Recent polling show that people support rent control by a margin of nine to one. Do you support a rent control that limits rent rises between tenancies as well as during tenancies?

organisation: Generation Rent

I think that the market ahould dictate the prices in private contracts, not the Government. It would be very expensive to oversee and administer such a system. If the rent is too high between tenancies; choose somewhere cheaper.

The standards of goods and services that are essential, such as food and water, are generally highly regulated. Do you support enforced minimum standards in housing as a precondition of a renting?

organisation: Generation Rent

I think we should be able to create a society in which people are capable of determining whether or not a building is fit for habitation. If people don't rent a place because it is in bad condition, you can be sure that it will be fixed. Some industry guidelines for estate agents and surveyors might help, however.

Britain spends £24 billion on housing benefit and less than £1.5 billion on building homes. Do you support an increase in the social housebuilding grant to £5 billion a year to build homes?

organisation: Generation Rent

It would make sense to move towards more social housing rather than handing over state benefit which supports private landlords. This transfer of public money into private hands would appear to be very short term thinking.

Would you support the creation of a Royal Commission to review Britain’s drug laws?

organisation: CISTA

I'd support a review. I'm not sure why it needs Royal assent. We should treat drug misuse as a health issue; and focus as a society on fixing the underlying causes of abuse. Drug abuse is like any other form of self harm: a symptom of a societal failure.