Gary Harbord

party: Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
constituency: Uxbridge and South Ruislip

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How would you reform surveillance law, oversight and practice to respect the rights of law-abiding people?

organisation: Open Rights Group (ORG)

We live in the most surveyed state in the western world. surveillance should be on proven need and overseen by a democratic body that is independent and consists of citizens

The right of parents to remain with their children in hospital has been established for over forty years. How would you ensure carers of people with dementia are equally welcome in hospital?

organisation: John's Campaign

A publically owned and run NHS that allows all carers the right to remain with patients.

Recent polling show that people support rent control by a margin of nine to one. Do you support a rent control that limits rent rises between tenancies as well as during tenancies?

organisation: Generation Rent


The standards of goods and services that are essential, such as food and water, are generally highly regulated. Do you support enforced minimum standards in housing as a precondition of a renting?

organisation: Generation Rent

Yes to be overseen by democratically elected local councils

Private sector landlords receive over £27bn a year in housing benefit and tax breaks. Would you support a rent tax that recouped up to a third of this to fund new housing supply?

organisation: Generation Rent

Yes as well as rent controls

To what degree should access to information on the internet be restricted by the state or private companies?

organisation: Open Rights Group (ORG)

Access to information should be on proven need and not on the whim of the state or its forces.

Britain spends £24 billion on housing benefit and less than £1.5 billion on building homes. Do you support an increase in the social housebuilding grant to £5 billion a year to build homes?

organisation: Generation Rent

Yes I would also bring into public ownership the large Building companys that are sitting on enough land to immediately build 1.4 million homes

Governments implement policies that directly and indirectly impact on house prices. Do you think house prices are too high?

organisation: Generation Rent

Yes as long as the market is allowed to dictate it will always be the case

Would you support the creation of a Royal Commission to review Britain’s drug laws?

organisation: CISTA

The govt should launch an independent review of the drug laws involving drug rehabilitation specialists