Gareth Ellis

party: Green Party
constituency: Mid Bedfordshire

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How would you reform surveillance law, oversight and practice to respect the rights of law-abiding people?

organisation: Open Rights Group (ORG)

The Green Party supports a world of open, freely flowing information. We don’t want disproportionate or unaccountable surveillance or censorship. We want a transparent state, but we want control over the data that our digital lives create. We need copyright laws that reward creators but that are consistent with digital technologies. Above all we want democratic political control of this technology. We would consider combining elements of the policies below into a comprehensive Digital Bill of Rights.
Oppose any case for secret unaccountable mass surveillance
Replace the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
Support and protect Internet freedom
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Gareth Ellis

Green Party Candidate for Mid Bedfordshire
tel: 0780 9873124
twitter: @greeninbeds
facebook: /greengarethellis
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The right of parents to remain with their children in hospital has been established for over forty years. How would you ensure carers of people with dementia are equally welcome in hospital?

organisation: John's Campaign

I would support the rights of next of kin and friends to be with their loved ones in hospital. This would need to be sympathetic to the safe and effective operation of the hospital and not interfere with the rights of other patients. But the premise should be that vulnerable patients whether through dementia or other situations should have the option to have someone with them at any time.

Governments implement policies that directly and indirectly impact on house prices. Do you think house prices are too high?

organisation: Generation Rent

Yes I do. Houses should be for living in. In other words they should be a home not an investment. Everyone needs safe secure and warm place to live. Government can help by building more suitable homes for rent.